NAME PRONUNCIATION: Tonoa = Tah Know Ah or To Noah (Example: God said “To Noah” build an ark).


Tonoa Bond is an author, speaker, PhD student, image consultant, and Army veteran. She is a mindset coach and mental toughness trainer for elite individuals and teams in the worlds of entertainment, sports, business, multimedia and technology. She is also the CEO and head trainer for McLaughlin-Bond International; a mental toughness coaching and mindset conditioning firm whose roots are based in the combined rudiments of militaristic combat training, behavioral, social & sport psychology, and life skills. Tonoa is also a certified life, professional and peak performance coach and is highly skilled in the areas of mental toughness, interventions, and life-skills.

Tonoa understands the value of education, as well as how to combine life experience with educational prowess to best serve her clients. From the housing projects of Chicago, to the battlefields of the US Army, and later to the halls of corporate America and entrepreneurship, and then on to completing degrees in higher education, this Warrior uses every lesson she learned, in all facets of her life, to help others become better versions of themselves. She possesses a master’s degree (with the highest distinction), in Leadership Coaching, Industrial/Organizational Psychology; a post graduate certification (also a 4.0) in Applied Forensic Psychology; and is a few courses short of completing her PhD in General Psychology with a Sports Psychology specialization (on track for high distinction as well). Her doctoral focus is on the social and neurological reasoning behind the negative behaviors associated with elite athletes from head-contact prone sports. Founded in research, she believes that with the right mental training and interventions, suicide rates, domestic violence, and self-harming behaviors that stem from myriad brain diseases, mood or mental disorders, can be lessened or diminish completely.

Tonoa’s life is a testimony to boldness. Affectionately known as the “Audacity Expert”, she has never allowed people or situations to stop her from believing in herself. Using the same tools that helped her survive the most challenging parts of her life, she helps clients cultivate a shameless boldness and an arrogant disregard towards restraints and limitations in their lives so they can live their dreams in a bigger, better, and bolder ways! With over 20 years in the field, she is one of the best in the world at helping people break the beliefs and habits that are holding them back.

Her life’s mission is to empower others to Unleash the Warrior Within; to learn key elements of mental toughness and mindset conditioning to make the emotional and psychological adjustments in the moment to achieve positive and successful experiences – in life, love and business. With immediacy, she is able to tap in to the behaviors, actions and thoughts that are affecting the actions, choices and results of her clients. She provides quality and specific interventions to help her clients achieve positive and successful experiences in every area of their lives. Her mindset conditioning and peak performance program, Unleash Your Inner Warrior, is a perfect choice to help elite individuals and teams understand how to unleash the warrior within so they can live their lives to the fullest; both on and off life’s battlefields.

So, are YOU ready to unleash?! Join Tonoa for a private VIP Experience or for her 24-Hour Lock-In intensive. Don’t wait! Invest in yourself and your dreams and book time with Tonoa today. Remember, Warrior, the time is always NOW to immerse yourself in the environment you need to live your dreams!